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Engine 2 Diet

I fnally watched Forks Over Knives the other night (they did a GREAT job following The China Study,too, btw), and just realized that the Essylstyn (sp?) guy from China Study and FOK is the father of the guy who wrote Engine 2! Huh?! Thought that was pretty cool.

So, I had an idea. I ordered both the dvd and the book the other day, and it should be delivered tomorrow. Since I am having a hard time sticking to eating anything healthy past breakfast, I would follow E2 and track my progress here. One thing about myself that I have come to realize is that I can stick with something for about a month if it is something new. If I try to do something over and over again for longer than that, I get bored and quit. So, following E2 for a month should be interesting. I am also planning to start running again. Damn weather. It gets really nice (70′ & 80’s) then crawls back up into the mid 90’s! WTH! Just get cooler and stay cooler so I can run outside! I HATE running on the dreadmill! And, I do not have a gym membership where I can go do classes or anything like that (not that I actually would, anyway!).

Plan: Follow E2 and RUN my little heart out. Oh, I will work on stopping smoking, too. Yes,  my dirty little secret…

Until tomorrow! Fresh from E2! Excited! Can’t wait!



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I was going to say this is the first day (again), but there have been many first days. How many first days are there going to be? Why do I start out good in the morning and the screw up by lunch? Why do I always say it is okay to eat crap in the afternoon (even though I know it isn’t)? My head knows better, but my urge always wins. I even made a soup that helps, but it didn’t today. Why can’t I be healthy? What is my issue? If I can figure that out, maybe I can finally get it under control.

This is what I have eaten so far today (and it is only 1:45pm)

Breakfast: Cottage cheese & strawberries; 2 cups of coffee (see the mornings start of GREAT!)

Noon (I won’t call it lunch because really….it isn’t): soup, chips, brownie, Reese’s miniatures

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